Do you ever feel like the work you’re doing isn’t fulfilling? Sure, it has its benefits, and you have a steady income that pays the bills. But can you honestly say that you enjoy your job?

Working a 9 to 5 job at an office might seem like a dream come true, but there are some negatives. For one, you lack the flexibility to arrange your days as you see fit. Second, there isn’t much excitement at the workplace. Most days seem to blend, forming a long gray line of blandness.

The great news is that becoming a personal trainer could free you from the office, bring a lot more fulfillment, and offer numerous unique benefits.

Let’s explore.

Person with their hand on an alarm clock, the time is 6:30.

The boring 9 to 5…


The oh-so-unpleasant sound cuts through the silence of the morning, forcing you awake. You look around for a moment, disoriented, then reach out to turn the alarm clock off. As you look over, you notice that it’s 6:30 AM, just six hours since you went to bed. You get out of bed and force yourself to the bathroom to wash up and prepare for the day.

Half an hour later, you’ve washed, groomed, and dressed. You grab a quick bite before heading off to face the day. You get inside your car and begin your daily commute, the one you’ve done a million times before. It’s become so familiar that you’re aware of all the stoplights, potholes, and other small details. Yet, despite the familiarity, you dread it. You’re still half-awake, grumpy, and, as you wait for the distant light to turn green, you think to yourself, “There must be more for me.” 

Despite your minor nervous breakdown, you get to the office before 9 AM, check-in, sit at your desk, begin to fill spreadsheets, write emails, and bother yourself with all of the other office work minutiae. Eight hours later, the clock hits 5 PM, which only means one thing: home time. You hop into your car, hoping to be home before 6:30 PM.

By the time you’re home, you feel drained and unmotivated to bother yourself with anything else. Before you know it, preparing dinner and watching some TV have eaten a couple of more hours, and it’s almost 9 PM. Soon enough, the clock shows 10:30 PM, and you have to get to bed unless you want to feel terrible for the second day in a row. 

As you hit the sack, trying to fall asleep, you think, “Monday down. Four more days to go…”

Man sat in front of a computer, resting his head in his hand.

Why become a personal trainer? 

Like most people with a regular work schedule, you’ve probably thought about a career change, preferably one with more flexibility. The great news is, that becoming a personal trainer is the perfect option precisely because the career path provides you with more flexibility and fulfillment.

Becoming a personal trainer is a fantastic option because it provides a new challenge, motivates you to get in the best shape of your life, and gives you the chance to make money while doing something you care about.

On any given day, a personal trainer interacts with people who want to get fit and improve their lives but don’t know how to get started. As a trainer, you get to push these people in the right direction and watch as things ‘click’ for them, and they begin to appreciate the journey. 

Working at a gym might involve some mundane tasks, such as re-racking used equipment, cleaning the gym, and covering the reception desk. But, there is always the option for freelance training, which gives you more freedom, but you also have more responsibilities, such as:

The job can be demanding, but it’s also fulfilling and provides unlimited potential for self-improvement.

A personal trainer talking to his student, showing them something on a tablet.

Eight Solid Reasons Why You Should Become a Personal Trainer

  1. Flexible schedule. One of the most notable benefits of the personal trainer career is the flexibility you have. You control your work hours, how much time you spend with clients, and your time off work.
  2. Rewarding. Another benefit of becoming a personal trainer is the feeling you get by helping others improve their health and fitness. There is no other feeling quite like that of providing the necessary guidance someone needs and seeing them light up with excitement.
  3. Respect and admiration. Regardless of how you feel about yourself, your clients will respect and admire you because of your skills and expertise. That might not seem all that important, but it will make you feel great.
  4. Demand for professionals. Good personal trainers are always in demand, and you will build an incredible roster of clients if you prove yourself as a trustworthy professional.
  5. Wear what you enjoy. One huge drawback of many jobs is that we don’t even have the freedom to pick our apparel. Personal training is terrific precisely because you can always wear comfortable clothes without feeling constrained.
  6. Motivation to get in the best shape. Becoming a personal trainer is amazing because you get to help others, but the profession also motivates you to become the best version you can be. After all, everyone respects the person who walks the talk.
  7. A unique challenge. Don’t fall for the idea that being a personal trainer is easy because it isn’t. The job is not without its difficulties, but personal training offers a unique type of challenge that forces you to grow, learn, and fix your weak points.
  8. Impressive earnings potential. The average annual salary for personal trainers in the UK is just over £31,000. But, what many people fail to realize is that personal trainers are in the unique position for unlimited earnings if they can prove themselves and establish a good reputation. Some of the most successful trainers earn well into the six figures annually.
Man facing away, wearing a t-shirt that says "personal trainer".


The question of becoming a personal trainer can be challenging to answer, and you should take your time to consider the pros and cons. But, if you’re someone who seeks excitement, fulfillment, and flexibility at work, becoming a personal trainer could be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

If you’re interested in embarking on that path, our UKST courses can give you a great start and teach you the essentials for success.