I can take countless career paths, so why work in the fitness industry?

That’s probably a question you’ve asked yourself before, and it is a good one because it forces you to think about your choices, which is always good.

In this post, we will outline six solid reasons you should consider a career in the fitness field.

Let’s dive in.

Helping Others Achieve Greatness

Personal training is one of the most fulfilling professions for anyone who enjoys helping others. Sure, you’re teaching people how to navigate the gym, do various exercises, and program their routines to build muscle, lose fat, and improve fitness. But you’re also helping people feel better about themselves, gain confidence, and become more assertive in their lives.

Many people don’t realise that fitness isn’t just about building muscle, losing fat, or lifting more weight in the gym. Fitness is about feeling better, becoming more functional, and enjoying your life. It’s a deeply personal process of working on yourself and pushing to improve. Aside from reaping physical benefits, people who achieve fitness success become happier and more confident in their abilities.

Helping clients get in shape and realise the true power of fitness is one of the best feelings you can experience while working in the fitness industry.

A personal trainer teaching a student how to stretch.

You’re Doing Something You Love

We all have unique interests. One person might enjoy fishing, another might like collecting items like stamps or cars, and a third person might be interested in basketball. Not everyone who tries to get fit enjoys it. While it can be amazing, some people never develop a love for fitness and struggle to string together ten workouts even after years of ‘hitting the gym.’

Yet, some love it from the first moment they step inside the gym. Something about the environment, the people, and the atmosphere speaks to them. Or maybe, it has more to do with philosophy than the gym. Whatever sparks their interest, some people develop a deep connection to fitness and find it the perfect addition to their lives.

Working in the fitness industry, or even considering the prospect, means that something about that line of work speaks to you. It means that you’re one of these people who have enjoyed fitness since day one. So, working in the industry means that you get to do something you enjoy.

You Get to Spend Time Around Positive and Like-Minded People

Many people dislike their job, not because of the work itself but because they have to communicate with grumpy and entitled people. The great thing about working in the fitness industry is that you’re more likely to come across positive and ambitious people than in most other lines of work. This is more of a hypothesis, but actual research backs it up.

Numerous studies show that physically active people are happier and more optimistic than their sedentary counterparts. Working in the fitness industry means that you’re communicating with active individuals who are more likely to be pleasant and easy to deal with.

Plus, active and positive individuals tend to be more motivated and interested in other ways to improve their health, excel in their careers, and lead fulfilling lives. As such, you can swap ideas with great people and possibly learn a thing or two on how to live better.

Four people laughing and talking in a gym.

You Can Enjoy Flexible Work Hours

A huge benefit of working in the fitness industry as a personal trainer is that you get to enjoy flexible work hours. Unlike most jobs that require you to be at your workplace from morning until evening, personal training gives you the freedom to create your schedule.

Of course, things might not be too flexible initially because you will have to find some clients first. But, once you get started, you can schedule your clients in blocks of time and have the rest of the day off for errands, leisure, or working on a side project.

The Growth Potential Is Incredible

Few other professions offer the same growth potential as personal training. Sure, getting started can be difficult because you have to prove yourself and accumulate testimonials from happy clients. But, beyond that point, things get easier because rather than looking for new clients, people start reaching out to you, wanting your services.

Aside from increasing your income, making a name for yourself allows you more flexibility with your work hours and who you choose to work with.

Plus, unlike other professions, personal training puts you in the unique position to become an online coach down the road. In fact, you can run the two practices parallel to one another and have in-person and online clients simultaneously. You could drive to a gym in your town to train local people, then return home, open your laptop, and share your knowledge with people from Australia, Asia, the US, and everywhere in-between.

A woman exercising on the floor with an online personal trainer on the computer next to her.

You Can Tweak Your Practice to Fit Your Desires

When most people hear of personal training, they imagine a person at the gym helping someone figure out how to use a specific machine. While that is certainly one approach to the profession, it’s far from the only way to train others. 

The great thing about working as a personal trainer is that you become a fitness expert. You can pick the best way to approach the profession, be it in a traditional gym setting, a leisure club, online, or in some other form. The knowledge is also beneficial for your development because it makes it easier to transform yourself and stay healthy in the long run.


Working in the fitness industry isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t enjoy fitness as much and would be better off with a career in a different field. But, if you have a deep connection with fitness, helping others, and spending time around positive, ambitious, and dedicated people, a career in the fitness field might be precisely what you need. 

Our personal training courses provide the necessary first steps to work toward your certification and gain a deeper understanding of fitness and what it takes to work in the industry.