Terms and Conditions


UK Sports Training offer a variety of payment options. These terms and conditions apply to all options unless otherwise stated.

Course Fees

Prices are subject to change, however once you have booked on to your chosen course, the course price will be fixed.

Course fees include all learning materials that you will need to complete your course.

There will be no additional fees except where transfers, cancellation, non-attendance or multiple re-sit fees apply, details of which are included in this document.

Company bookings may be invoiced on strictly 30-day terms upon receipt of a purchase order or authorisation letter.

Funded option: 19+ Advanced Learning Loan

The Student Loans Company will pay your course fee on a monthly basis until the end date of your course, providing you are in attendance. Non-attendance will result in formal action being taken against you. Details of which are within this document.

One off payment

An early bird discount will be applied. Full payment is required upfront. Payments can be made by cheque, credit or debit card (fees may apply) and bank transfer. Special payment terms are available on request.

Payment plan options

If you opt for a finance plan, you will apply directly online to Omniport. Approval is usually within 72 hours. Please note that credit checks will apply during the application process.

A variety of self-funded payment plans are available and will be given to you before enrolment.

Payment plans up to 36 months, interest free

Payment plans up to 50 months, interest added If you opt for a payment plan and your course finishes before the final repayment has been made, you will continue to pay the remaining monthly balance to Omniport until the full course fee has been paid. If you fail to adhere to this, formal proceedings will be taken. You will need to refer to the Terms and Conditions of your finance plan.

Go Cardless / Direct Debits / Standing Orders

If credit checks have failed and finance not approved UK Sports Training can offer alternative payment plans upon discretion, this includes Go Cardless, direct debits and standing order payment plans. This list is not exhaustive, and the same terms and conditions apply and non-payment will be followed by formal legal action.

One day courses

Full payment is required upfront.

Cancellation of a Loan:

Funded option only – Your 19+ Advanced Learning Loan application will automatically be cancelled for (but not limited to), the following reasons:

Missing Evidence: 45 days from the applications received or submitted date – whichever is the latest.

Approved: You have been approved but not had an initial positive attendance confirmation – 90 days from course start date or approval date – whichever is the latest.

Approved Awaiting Signature: 45 days from the date the application was received or submitted date – whichever is the latest.

If you are attending a course and your loan is cancelled during the course for any reason, you will be personally liable to cover the outstanding monies to UK Sports Training. Any non-payment will lead to legal action.

Fee Liability: 19+ Advanced Learning Loan, Funded option only
Once you have enrolled on a course and attended for two weeks, you are fully responsible for the full loan amount. The Student Loans Company will make payments on a monthly basis to cover your course fee. However if you leave the course early, these payments will cease and there will be a balance of fees owing to UK Sports Training which you will be responsible for.

The outstanding balance will be calculated, and you will be invoiced after leaving the course. You have up until the original end date of the course to pay any remaining balance. Failure to pay will result in formal proceedings being taken. You will still have to pay the balance of your Advanced Learning Loan up until the day of leaving the course.

If you leave the course early, you are responsible for sending back all of your course materials to UK Sports Training. Failure to do so will result in an additional £100 being added to your outstanding fee balance. This £100 is to cover manuals and uniform.

If you have applied for a loan and it has been approved but you subsequently decide not to start the course, don’t worry, we will not receive any payments and you can inform the Students Loans Company that you no longer require the loan.

Omniport Finance Plans

Please refer to your formal documentation that has been provided to you by Omniport. If you are not accepted for a finance plan, you can opt for a Student Finance loan or the one-off payment option.


UK Sports Training operate a no refund policy.

Upon booking, you have a seven day cooling-off period. During this time, should you decide not to proceed with your course you will receive a full refund once you have returned all course material to UK Sports Training. Following the seven day period, no monies will be refunded. However if you attend a course date the cooling off period will cease.

Transferring Practical Date(s)

If you are unable to attend your practical date(s), you may transfer to another date. All transfers will incur a charge as follows:

Date of booking –

4 weeks prior to assessment dates £50.00
3 weeks prior to assessment dates £70.00
2 weeks prior to assessment dates £90.00
1 week prior to assessment dates £120.00
On the day £150

Your tutor will agree a deadline date for the submission of home study units. We reserve the right to transfer your practical date(s) for failure to complete the home study within the agreed timeframe. You will be notified of our intention to transfer your assessment dates and a charge of £120.00 will be applied. If you have booked a re-sit and transfer the date, you will be charged a fee of £50.00 to change a theory re-sit and £120.00 to change a practical re-sit.

The fee must be paid before your course is transferred.

For non-attendance of a one to one drop in clinic a £250 fee will apply. This must be paid within 30 days.

Date to be advised

If you need to transfer your practical date(s) but are unsure when you will be able to attend, UK Sports Training will try to transfer you to “date to be advised” following receipt of the agreed transfer fee, however this is discretionary and not guaranteed. The following terms apply to ‘date to be advised’:

Self-funded option only: UK Sports Training will hold a student’s “date to be advised” period for up to 12 months from the date of booking.
Funded option only: UK Sports Training will hold a student’s “date to be advised” period (for completion) within the remainder of the academic year.
Students are advised to keep in regular contact with their tutor during the “date to be advised” period.

Students must contact UK Sports Training when they are ready to undertake their chosen practical dates.

Self-funded and one day courses only: Students must advise UK Sports Training if an extension period is required after the initial 12 months from the date of booking and may be subject to further charges.
If a student fails to advise UK Sports Training of their intended set practical dates, or the need for an extension, UK Sports Training will cancel the student’s course in writing. A fee of £50.00 will be charged for re-registration.

Non Attendance (fixed course dates, not one to one course)
If, for any reason, you do not attend the set practical dates without notifying UK Sports Training prior to the first day of the assessments, a charge of £150.00 will be incurred. This fee must be paid in full before scheduling new assessment dates.

Self-funded option only: If no fee is paid within 12 months of your original assessment dates, UK Sports Training will cancel the whole of your course. No fees are refundable.

Medical Evidence

If medical evidence is supplied i.e. doctor’s note, all transfer fees will be reduced by 50%. However, management discretion will be used in serious medical circumstances.


Self-funded and one day courses only: Once a course has been booked, should you wish to cancel your course an additional fee will be incurred as follows:

Within 7 days of booking £0.00 (unless any practical dates have taken place that you have attended)
After 1 week of booking to 8 weeks prior to assessment £60.00
8 weeks to 4 weeks prior to assessment £100.00
4 weeks prior to assessment £150.00
If you are not successful in any part of the course, you may retake the assessment at your convenience. You are entitled to one free re-sit. If you require further re-sits, a fee of £50.00 is required for a theory exam and £120.00 to re-sit the practical assessment.

Venues and Dates

From time to time, UK Sports Training may have to change the venue and/ or dates of your course. This usually happens when we have excessive or low numbers on a course, which could have health and safety implications to our students.

We therefore reserve the right to change the venue and/or dates of courses. Notification will be sent, in writing, to each student

Completion of your course

If for any reason, you do not complete your course in your agreed time frame and UK Sports Training has not had notification from you, we will write to you asking you to contact us to restart your training. After 12 months from the booking of your course, UK Sports Training reserves the right to cancel your course if there has been no correspondence from you. If you wish to reinstate your course, full course fees will apply.